I Hate Microsoft

Well, what can I say,but the obvious, all their programs suck shit and I hate most if not all of them.  They rip you off and get pissed off at at people when they copy their software, yet still make miilions on most of their products.  I have no option but to use Microshit due to the fact my parents use it for their work.  But if I had my way I would make my computer a completely non-Microshit environment.

Feel free to download my images, and state the obvious to the blind sheep using Microshit Products.  

If you save the above 2 images to your Windows95 directory (whatver that may be) and rename it from logos.gif to logos.sys, and logow.gif to logow.sys it shall slightly change the appearance of your shut down screens. (If it's not your computer your on feel free to backup the originals).

It's Evil Bill, if you don't behave (especially before X-mas) he'll come down your chimney and copy all of his products onto your computer!!!

This is the only thing decent to with Microshit.

I read a newspaper artical the other day (in the Infotech Weekly New Zealand) about how Sun Microsystems, Netscape, Novel and other anti-Microshit companies are combining their forces to develop a Java only computer system.

Did you know that Microshit has more employees working on Internet Exploiter than Netscape has in total. Thank you for listening, if you feel the urge to tell me anything them....

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